I was.

“How is he?”, asked by an old friend.

I didn’t know what am I going to say.

Three? Four years? I don’t know.

Time really flies so fast, that I can’t remember the last time we saw each others’ face with a smile, but I do remember the feeling of being love and hurt by a single person.

You said I am your sky, for you look at it whenever you’re lonely and its your sweet escape from reality.

I feel like flying, happy and free…

I am like a bird who finds my mate and flies together in the horizon.

I am happy.

 I was.

but then you left and said “I can forgot everything, even someone when my mind’s occupied”.

I landed in the depths of ‘whys’. Hurt.

Am I just someone? or maybe just nobody.

I couldn’t feel my wings.

I forgot how to fly.

I can’t reach the sky.

I hid through the branches of sadness and sorrow.

I can't find my purpose.

But then the sun shone through the dark days and made me realize that just like the sun that still shines through the sky filled with clouds…

I can still fly slowly and lowly, or at least reach the sky by moving forward and upward build a ladder of hope for myself and think that this is just a stop over and not a destination.

Soon, I will touch the sky and will remember how to fly.

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